The EMBUTIDOS MARINEROS, S.L.U. (EMBUMAR) Management has the mission of creating healthy fishing products with maximum satisfaction for our consumers and with the highest level of quality and food safety.

The management system is framed within the General Objectives dictated by the Management of the company described below:

    • Strict commitment to the established requirements by the Client, of product safety, quality, legality, processes and specifications.
    • Make all the staff responsible for their job position. Full confidence in the capabilities and skills of the company’s human team becomes the cornerstone of this project based on ethical and personal responsibility.
    • Continuous follow-up of our products and services suppliers , in order to meet the needs required by each product in the best conditions.
    • Use of 100% natural raw materials. Make preservatives and artificial colors free products.
    • Exhaustive compliance with current and applicable legislation, paying special attention to food legislation.
    • Exhaustive monitoring of the environmental behavior of our activities, in order to generate a sustainable development of the company. Sustainability based on a rational management of fishery resources.
    • Continuous R + D + I in the search for beneficial health products, easy and convenient to prepare.

This Management System is defined and developed in the Manual of Food Quality and Safety and in the documents that emanate from its application, being therefore of mandatory knowledge and compliance, for all company staff in the development of their activities.

Specific objectives are established annually, always in accordance with these general objectives, whose follow-up and achievement allow the effectiveness of the Management System and the continuous improvement of the company to be assessed.