The Company

Embumar was born in 1999 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, founded by the entrepreneur José Viva Sánchez, general manager, soul and motor of Embumar, who after acquiring an extensive experience in the meat sector realizes that in the fishing sector barely exists transformation of the raw material, thus, decides to apply his knowledge on meat sausages to the fishing industry.

At present, the national and international projection company seeks both, technological innovation and the continuous creation of products from a sustainable use of fishery goods. In this manner, it offers comfortable, quality, at a fair price and with a long and healthy life span culinary solutions. The characteristics of the products are due to their composition, they are 100% natural products, with no artificial colors or preservatives and in addition, they maintain all their organoleptic and nutritional qualities, not to be mentioned its high content in Omega 3.

Embumar, an awarded company for its commitment to quality. Sustainability, food quality and innovation.


Sustainability support

In many instances we are asked for the reason of the very competitive prices of the Embumar roe, and the answer is quite simple: fish roe are found inside a membrane, and usually, in the fishing industry the roe with that membrane broken are despidsed, even though these roe have the same quality or even greater quality than the roe that are inside a whole membrane.

That is when the company observes the opportunity that exists in the inlay of roe, since they can be stuffed and taken advantage of 100%.

So, for this reason, we have such competitive prices, as we take advantage of 100% of the roe, not only those that remain compacted in the membrane. In addition, taking advantage of 100% of the roe, we promote the sustainability of the species.