Cooked and pasteurized hake roe are an exquisite food, rich in Omega 3, with all the flavor of the sea, fresh and deep, and with grainy texture. Embumar, thanks to its processing system, offers the guarantee that all cooked roe are selected and always full. The roe are cooked at their optimum point, maintaining all their properties until the end of their expiration due to the  pasteurization and vacuum packaging system, in a special high barrier packaging.

It is a 100% natural, gluten-free and 100% usable product, as well as the best and largest source of Omega 3.



FISH ROE 93% minimum, (of which 70% HAKE, POLACA AUSTRAL, PLATIJA), SOYA protein, salt, EGG albumin, natural gelling agent based on seaweed extract. FAO 81.
May contain traces of MOLLUSCUS and CRUSTACEANS.

Conservation: Refrigerated between 0-4ºC, the product’s innocuousness and organoleptic characteristics are ensured. Once opened, consume preferably before 2 days, keeping it in refrigeration.

Preferred consumption: 180 days. (Minimum 80% in logistics service). Expiration will be indicated by the expression: Consume preferably before: day, month and year.

Format: Sausage (Embumares) 120g


Nutritional information. Average nutritional values per 100gr of product:

  • Energy value: 685 kJ / 164 kcal.
  • Greases: 8,3g of which saturated: 1,9 g.
  • Carbohydrates: 1,3 g of which sugars: 1,3 g.
  • Proteins: 20,8 g.
  • Salt: 1.1 g.
  • Omega 3 (EPA and DHA): 1790 mg.

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